2017 FFA state officer elections, in photos

Gallery: Emotions ran high during officer elections at the 89th Illinois FFA Convention. Here’s a look at what the new five-member officer team is looking forward to this year.

Speaking. Voting. Waiting. Screaming. Hugging.


Major state FFA officer voting procedures kept the 10 candidates and voting delegates on pins and needles for more than an hour during the 89th Illinois FFA Convention last week. But all that buildup and voting resulted in a brand-new team of state FFA officers.

Here’s a quick look at the newly elected 2017-18 state officer team:

Joseph Birrittier, president
Hometown: Waterloo
County: Monroe
Chapter: Waterloo FFA Chapter
Parents: Don and Gina Birrittier
High school: Waterloo High School, class of 2017
State officer goal: “I want to push members out of their comfort zone and maximize their potential to be the true leaders they can be,” Birrittier said. “As I see it, if a band-loving city slicker like me can excel in this organization, anything is possible.”

Robert Janssen, vice president
Hometown: Avon
County: Fulton
Chapter: Abingdon-Avon FFA Chapter
Parents: Chris and Jody Janssen
High school: Abingdon-Avon High School, class of 2016
College: Spoon River College
Major: agribusiness management
State officer goal: “As a state officer, I will strive to encourage members as they reach for their goals,” Janssen said. “I’ll push to increase agricultural awareness and understanding, and work tirelessly to promote agricultural education.”

Ryan Reeverts, reporter
Hometown: Byron
County: Ogle
Chapter: Byron FFA Chapter
Parents: Terry and Pam Reeverts
High school: Byron High School, class of 2016
College: Highland Community College
Major: agribusiness
State officer goal: “I will do everything in my absolute power to challenge every FFA member in the state of Illinois to be the leaders they wish to be in their own communities,” Reeverts said.

Dalton Painter, secretary
Hometown: Newman
County: Douglas
Chapter: Shiloh FFA Chapter
Parents: Tom and Karen Painter
High school: Shiloh High School, class of 2016
College: Lake Land College
Major: agricultural business and supply
State officer goal: “I want to be the leader who inspires members and fuels their passion for this organization,” Painter said. “I will ensure that we work as a whole to keep the traditions of Illinois FFA alive.”

Chase Clausen, treasurer
Hometown: Genoa
County: DeKalb County
Chapter: Sycamore FFA Chapter
Parents: Jeffrey and Anna Clausen
High school: Sycamore High School, class of 2016
College: Kishwaukee College
Major: animal science and agribusiness
State officer goal: “I want to be a positive role model and make a difference in my state,” Clausen said. “I will also strive to leave a positive impression on FFA members everywhere.”

The new officer team replaces the 2016-17 team, which included: J.C. Campbell, president; Paxton Morse, vice president; Zach Becker, reporter; Corrine Harding, secretary; and Cody Suddeth, treasurer.

To hear more from the new Illinois FFA Association major officer team, check out this slideshow.

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