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KNOW THE RULES: The Illinois EPA Livestock Rules became effective in August 2014. Parts of the rules apply to all farms, regardless of their size.

Quick Take: Free IEPA Livestock Rules guide and field days

The Illinois Agricultural Coalition released a free IEPA Livestock Rules resource guide. The U of I announces two upcoming field days.

Free IEPA Livestock Rules guide available

Do you know the new Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Livestock Rules? If not, there’s now a free resource to help with that.

There are three versions of the Illinois EPA Livestock Rules resource guide: swine, beef and dairy. The guide helps clarify and simplify the rules and identifies best management practices using real-world examples for farmers to follow and customize for their farm.

The Illinois EPA Livestock Rules became effective in August 2014, and parts of the rules apply to all farms, regardless of their size. The rules require livestock farmers to collect, contain and apply manure in a way that does not cause water pollution and prevents any runoff from feedstuffs and feed storage areas, as well as dead animal disposal areas. 

“Illinois livestock farmers are subject to inspections at any time by Illinois EPA, and if found not in compliance with these rules can be issued substantial fines and penalties,” says Lauren Lurkins, director of natural and environmental resources for the Illinois Farm Bureau. “All livestock farmers, regardless of their size, have an obligation to optimize their environmental performance, and this resource guide can help achieve that.”

Farmers may contact IFB, Illinois Beef Association, Illinois Milk Producers Association or Illinois Pork Producers Association to request a free copy of the guide.

Source: Illinois Agricultural Coalition


Livestock and nutrient management field day

Hear the latest in drainage water management research and livestock nutrition at the University of Illinois Extension and Christian County Farm Bureau field day at Dudley Smith Farm on June 21. Field day topics include denitrifying bioreactors, beef cattle grazing systems and implementing cover crops.

Participants must register for the field day by June 16. For more information, contact Mellisa McMillan at 217-824-2940 or [email protected].

Dudley Smith Farm is at 2200 E 550 N Road, off of Route 29 just north of Pana.

Source: University of Illinois


U of I announces Weed Science Field Day

Want to know the latest on weed management? Attend the University of Illinois Weed Science Field Day on June 28 in Urbana.

Participants will carpool to fields for an informal guided tour of research plots featuring popular corn and soybean herbicide programs and new products entering the market. Weed science faculty, staff and graduate students will share management advice on new weed threats.

On-site registration begins at 8 a.m. at the U of I Crop Sciences Research and Education Center (South Farms) Agronomy Seed House, located off St. Mary’s Road at Wright Street in Urbana. The $10 fee includes lunch and a field tour book. Large groups planning to attend the field day should notify Charlie Mitsdarfer at 217-265-0344 or [email protected], or Aaron Hager at 217-621-8963, by late May.

Source: University of Illinois

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