300 Illinois Schools to Share $1 Million in Ag Education Grants

Seven high schools starting up new ag programs this year.

The Illinois State Board of Education will distribute $1 million in agricultural education incentive grants to 300 schools around the state for the 2007-2008 school year. The grants will assist seven high schools in starting new agricultural programs and help other schools upgrade equipment, train teachers and develop curriculum.

Seven high schools starting ag programs this year include:

  • Belvidere North High School, Belvidere
  • Freeport High School, Freeport
  • Johnston City High School, Johnston City
  • Mattoon High School, Mattoon
  • Momence High School, Momence
  • Urbana High School, Urbana
  • Watseka Community High School, Watseka

"These grants offer both the students and the schools great dividends. When a student is involved in an agricultural education program, they are learning more than just agriculture," said Christopher Koch, State Superintendent of Education. "Agricultural education is multidisciplinary and therefore reinforces what is being taught in the core subjects of science, language arts, mathematics and social science."

A complete list of schools receiving the grants can be found online at: www.isbe.net/pdf/ag_ed_allocations_08.pdf.

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