FSA Reminds Producers Of Requirments For Milk Income Loss Program

FSA Reminds Producers Of Requirments For Milk Income Loss Program

As of now, prices have not triggered MILC payments. However FSA's state executive director would like producers to revisit the requirements.

Scherrie Giamanco, state executive director for USDA's Illinois Farm Service Agency (FSA), reminds dairy producers of some important program requirements to be eligible for payment under the Milk Income Loss Contract (MILC) program.

"At this time, prices haven't fallen to a level to trigger a MILC payment," Giamanco says. "However, we want all dairy producers to be aware of the program requirements should there be an opportunity for payments."

Giamanco notes it is very important to notify the FSA office if there have been any changes to the dairy operation. Also, any new dairies that have not previously participated in the MILC program will need to fill out the CCC-580, Milk Income Loss Contract.

If a payment rate is announced, dairy producers enrolled in the MILC program will need to provide their local county office with documentation showing the eligible milk production and commercial milk marketing for the months with a MILC payment rate in effect.

When producers enroll in MILC, a payment start month is selected. This month remains the same through all program years, unless a change is requested by the dairy.  Producers who wish to change their MILC program start month can do so unlimited number of times throughout their enrollment in MILC, provided the changes are made on or before the 14th day of the month prior to the new MILC production start-month.  The production start month designated cannot be changed if the new month being selected has already begun or has already passed.

MILC program participants are also required to comply with FSA's Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) requirements each fiscal year.  This certification, on a CCC-931, must be completed prior to a payment being disbursed.

For more information the MILC program, please contact your county FSA Office or visit www.fsa.usda.gov.
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