Take Guessing Game Out of Crop Insurance

Figuring out which type of crop insurance to use is a snap (well, almost) with this spreadsheet from FAST Tools.

In the February issue of Prairie Farmer, the University of Illinois’ Travis Farley shared tips on using Farmdoc’s Marketing and Crop Insurance Risk model spreadsheet, via the Sharp Farming column.

Farley works with the Farmdoc folks and with FAST Tools, a set of Excel spreadsheets designed to help farmers make better decisions for their operations. Each month in the magazine, Farley highlights a different FAST spreadsheet.

This month, Farley shared tips on using the Crop Insurance spreadsheet. To download the free spreadsheet, head to www.farmdoc.uiuc.edu/fasttools. You’ll need Microsoft Excel to run the spreadsheet. Or, head to Farmdoc to check out a demo (www.farmdoc.uiuc.edu/fasttools/demos/Marketing%20and%20Crop%20Insurance%20Risk%20Model/player.html) and see how it operates.

For more on the Marketing and Crop Insurance tool, check out the February issue of Prairie Farmer, either in your mailbox or online (http://prairiefarmer.com/index.aspx?mid=44873&mtype=1&qfguid=ed21cb0f-97cb-4bc3-9303-d5e6c9c3a0b7)

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