Ag Secretary Content with Farm Bill Progress

The 2007 Farm Bill will get done because farmers need it, USDA Secretary Mike Johanns says.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns says he is content with the pace of negotiations for the new farm bill.

Johanns made the comment Tuesday in Ames, Iowa, after some lawmakers warned that Congress may have to renew the old farm bill if negotiations don't speed up.

Johanns says he doesn't see that happening. He says the bill, last passed in 2002, will be finalized this year because farmers need the certainty.

Johanns also is cautiously optimistic about a recent Department of Agriculture report that showed near historic highs for corn acres planted this year.

He says high yields this fall could allow farmers to replenish reserves that have been depleted by high demand for corn by the ethanol and livestock industries.

Source: Associated Press

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