Prairie Farmer Favorite Farm Dog Nominations Are Due March 15

Prairie Farmer Favorite Farm Dog Nominations Are Due March 15

To nominate your four-legged friend, send in a photo and 150 words via e-mail or mail.

Think you've got a real-life Lassie working on your farm? Well, you better submit him/her for the 2012 Prairie Farmer Favorite Farm Dog Contest.

If every dog has his day, do your best to make sure your dog's day comes this May when the 2012 Favorite Farm Dogs are announced. To nominate your dog, send us a photo along with 150 words on why your dog deserves to be the 2012 winner.

In the essay, please remember to include the dog's name, breed, age and what makes him or her the perfect candidate. Also, include your name, (the name of the photographer if different from the entrant's name), your address and phone number.

FURRY THERAPIST: After Retha Meyerhoff lost her husband, Blu provided the support and encouragement she needed to get through the year. Later she realized he was the best therapist anyone could ask for.

The winning farm dog's owners will receive $100. Second place is $50, and third gets $25. Of course, this is a pittance compared to the notoriety your four-legged friend will receive in the magazine. If your dog takes home top prize, all the neighborhood animals will be stopping by to see a living legend.

Last year, Blu, a blu heeler/German shepherd mix from Percy, took home first prize. When Blu's owner, Retha Meyerhoff  lost her husband in a workplace accident, Blu was there every step of the way, urging her to keep going. Blu's dedication pushed Meyerhoff to become an accomplished farm manager on her cow-calf/hay operation.

Blu's story highlights that just being there is one of the most important tasks a farm dog can perform.

Get those nominations polished and in the mail by March 15. You can e-mail entries to [email protected] ¬†or mail them to Favorite Farm Dogs, Prairie Farmer, 812 Kelley Dr., O'Fallon, IL 62269.

Please do not submit Polaroids or photos printed on lightweight (copier) paper. All entries become property of Prairie Farmer and will not be returned.
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