Report: Market Approach Failing in U.K.

Report: Market Approach Failing in U.K.

The Sustainable Development Committee says current food policy in the island nation is inadequate.

A new report released Friday in the United Kingdom says the country cannot rely on the market to create a more sustainable food chain. The report was released by the Sustainable Development Commission.

U.K. consumer food prices in January rose 6.3% for the year, which more than doubled the average across Europe. And those prices are likely to climb further as oil prices go up and demand for basic commodities like wheat increases, the report says.

The report argues the food production system in the U.K. requires more hands-on participation from the government. It adds that relying on food imports also increases costs. The country currently imports about 40% of its food, with a coinciding cost of food transportation since the 1980s.

The report notes that government response has been slow, but it recommends improving education and boosting domestic production to build a sustainable food chain.

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